Moving Tips

Moving home is one of the most stressful activities a family can experience.
We at Removals Services would like to provide you with the following tip to make that experience less stressful.

In the beginning

  • Appoint a removals company like Removals Services by looking online or ask your friend to recommend a reliable company. As soon as you have decided who you would prefer to use make a booking with them a.s.a.p.
  • Create a file for documenting all moving papers and receipts.

  • Change of address list. Pick up a Change-of-Address Kit from the Post Office and fill out:
    • Friends and family
    • Banks
    • Insurance companies
    • Credit card companies
    • Magazines and newspapers – cancel local newspaper delivery
    • Doctors, dentists and other providers – transfer drug prescriptions
    • Sort out what furniture and appliance will be going with you and arrange to dispose of the rest either via selling it on ebay ( or gumtree ( or even free cycle ( where people will take just about anything that you list!
    • Sell, donate or hold a garage sale for unwanted items
    • Use up perishable foods
  • Order packing supplies from Removals Services:
    • Boxes
    • Packing and masking tape
    • Markers
    • Packing paper
    • Wardrobe boxes
    • Mattress covers
    • Bubble wrap
  • Start packing boxes. Mark boxes clearly as to contents and room to be placed in. Mark “Open First” clearly on boxes containing important items to be unpacked first:
    It’s a good idea to colour code the boxes with stickers. Each colour representing a different room.Eg Main bedroom red. Kitchen Yellow ect.
    • Dishes
    • Pots and pans
    • Alarm clock
    • Bedding
    • Special toys
    • owels
    • Light bulbs
    • Plates
    • Tools – hammer, pliers, wrench
  • Make arrangements for picking up your important records:
    • Birth
    • Doctor
    • Dentist
    • Legal
    • Optician, optometrist
    • School
    • Veterinarian
  • Parking. Do you need a permit? You can organise this through your local council.Just give them a call and get 2 bays reserved for the day of the move.
    This is normally the Client’s responsibility and any parking fines might be charged to you!
  • Two weeks before the move.

    • Pack your vital documents in one place:
      • Passports
      • Military records
      • Mortgage records
      • Marriage license
      • Birth certificates
      • Vehicle titles
      • Stock certificates
      • Insurance papers
      • Bank records
      • School records
      • Medical records
      • Tax records
    • Make arrangements to disconnect your utilities. Get refunds for any deposits made.Have meters read. Give new address for them to send their final bill:
      • Cable
      • Electric
      • Gas
      • Internet
      • Telephone
      • Water
    • Make arrangements to connect utilities at your new residence.
    • Make arrangements for cleaning.
    • Check with your insurance company about transferring coverage to your new home.
    • Arrange to have a sitter watch your children at their house on moving day.

    The day before the move

    • Defrost, clean and air out your refrigerator.
    • Clean your stove.
    • Make sure you have payment ready for the mover.
    • Get a simple breakfast ready for the next morning.
    • Take down curtains and curtain rods.
    • Get a good night’s sleep!
    • Walk through your house one last time to make sure everything is accounted for.
    • Strip the beds.
    • Keep linens in a box that travels with you, so you can use them the first night.
    • Make sure you have the keys to your new home, or have arranged to collect them.
    • Record all utility meter readings (gas, electricity,and water).

    The move day (In your new home)

    • Make sure you are present when the removal crew arrives so you can guide them around the house confirming what is to be moved and any special instructions.
    • Start with the essentials – do you have power, gas and water, telephone and internet.
    • You can instruct the movers to place your belonging where you want them. That way all you have to do is unpack.
    • That’s it – your in. Have a cup of tea. Give your movers a nice tip or pat on the back and enjoy your new home.

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