Packing Price List


Packing Material

Below is a detailed list of Packing Material we have available.

Material Name Size Price
Standard Wardrobe Box Double wall 20″x18″x48″ 10
Book box with Double wall 19″x13″x13″ 1.50
Standard Removal Box Double wall 23″x15″x15″ 2.50
Storage Box and Lid with Single wall Small 2.00
Stretch Films & Plastic Wraps Medium 5.00 Each
Small Bubble Wrap 1 Metre 0.50
Large Bubble Wrap 1 Metre 1.00
Foam 1mm thick foam-500mm wide rolls 35.00 Each
Acid Free Tissue Packing Paper 700mm x 450mm 150 sheets Per Bundle 5.00
Marker Pen Standard 1.00
Sealing Tape 48mm x 66m 1.50
Fragile Tape 48mm x 66m 2.00 Each
Tape Gun Standard 7.99
Extra Strong Black Sacks Standard Pack 1.99
Packing Knife Standard 1.50
Latex Gloves Standard 0.80