We provide a comprehensive removals service designed to ensure your move takes place smoothly and quickly. Here’s more about exactly what we can do for you

  • Consultation, Surveyor Visit

    At After you have contacted us regarding your move we will send one of our team of logistical surveyors to your property to carry out a full pre-move consultation – this will take into account how much you have to move, how your property is laid out and any items that will need specialist care and attention.
    We will then provide you with a completely free and comprehensive quote for our full service – there will be no hidden extras and you are under absolutely no obligation to proceed.

  • Packing

    On the day of the move our professional team, headed by a highly-experienced team leader, will arrive at your home having been fully briefed on your exact requirements. Our packing specialists will carefully pack all your possessions and place them in the removals vehicle in sequenced order, so that they can be unpacked in an exact order at the other end.Should any of your items be difficult to move by hand then don’t worry, we have a range of mechanical tools designed to safely remove furniture and other objects when access is a problem.

  • The Move

    As soon as everything is carefully stored in the removals lorry and you are happy that the property is empty then we will start our journey.Your dedicated team leader will always be available should you need to know anything and we will keep you fully informed as to where we are and what we are doing every step of the way.

  • Unloading

    On arrival at the new property we will unload our lorry and place everything in the correct rooms in line with your specific requirements. Once again, should access prove to be a problem then we have the necessary back-up on hand to deal with any difficulties.

  • Unpacking

    We will quickly and carefully unpack and remove all packaging materials and then arrange your possessions onto a flat, safe surface to allow you to inspect for damages, before helping to put the items away. After we’re all done, we even have a specialist machine that compresses any used boxes ready for recycling.

  • Additional Services

    The price for all of the above, with the exception of unpacking, will be included in your initial quote, however we also offer a host of other services for home movers that can be provided through our sister companies in the removals services Group, these range from cleaning of both your new and old properties to storage and waste management see the Packages page for further details.